The real changes – magic or medicine?

It’s been worrying, uncomfortable and tedious at times, but the end result is amazing. For me, the operation couldn’t have been more of a success. I’ve been given a level of vision which I never thought I’d ever have. 

Waking up and being able to see things over the other side of the room, or reading the letters on the optical chart without glasses for the first time was definitely a pretty magical moment.

In between the first and second operations, I sketched over some photos to try and show the differences between the 3 different levels of vision that I was experiencing.

  • An uncorrected view in the non-operated eye when not wearing a contact lens
  • A corrected view in the same non-operated eye, but when wearing a contact lens
  • Comparative view through my operated eye, when looking through the Artisan lens

I chose to draw floor tiles and flowers. These were things which I clearly saw differently after I had the first eye operated on. Without glasses I had no focus, with contact lenses I could see well, but with the new Artisan lens I’ve got far more clarity and definition. (Hover over images for captions.)

  • Everything is much sharper
  • Colours are bolder
  • Textures are more defined
  • My distance vision has been significantly improved


The Artisan lenses have given me a focus which I’ve never had without glasses or contact lenses and the quality of the vision after the operations easily surpasses the level of vision achieved when wearing contact lenses or glasses. I feel so lucky and still can’t quite believe my new eyes.

I hope this piece has given anyone thinking about the surgery a bit of helpful information. I wanted to offer a realistic and independent documentation of the operation and results.

I also want to use it an opportunity to say thank you. On both occasions, at only 22, I think I was the youngest patient in the Eye Hospital and I am extremely appreciative of the consistently kind and attentive manner of all of the nurses and staff who cared for me. Their upbeat attitude and assistance made me and my visitors feel reassured and the experience as comfortable as it could have been.

I am extremely grateful to all of the staff, but especially to Richard Haynes, my Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon. The results have been, and will continue to be life-changing. To see how much things have changed 1 year on, click here.

Magic or medicine? I’m still undecided…

Writing about eye surgery may not be the go-to topic for most people, but there are a number of reasons why I felt that it was really important. Take a look here.

The views expressed here are my own and are not intended to represent those of any medical body or authority.