Getting back to normal

After the operations, there was an important aftercare regime to stick to.

  • I had to take 10 lots of drops a day for a month. (Prednisolone 6 times a day + Chloramphenicol 4 times a day.)
  • I drew up a tick chart to keep record of my drops.
  • I also cleaned my eye when necessary with cooled, boiled water and slept with a plastic guard over my eye for two weeks after the surgery.
  • Keeping everything clean is really important. I used anti-bacterial gel before administering my drops, kept my hair off my face and didn’t wear any make up for at least a month after.
  • I had to be careful that my eye didn’t get knocked (by me or anyone else.) In the first week I made sure that I didn’t jerk my head or look down for too long, as I didn’t want anything to be disrupted.
  • Get a cocoon: I spent a solid week or two not doing much, drinking tea and eating anything which anyone was kind enough to bring to me and my duvet. I recovered pretty quickly, which was partly due to my age, but I’d recommend keeping rested and out of public spaces for at least two weeks to give yourself the best chance of healing up. It can be uncomfortable and actually quite tiring!


Take a look at the results to see how things changed.

The views expressed here are my own and are not intended to represent those of any medical body or authority.