My Story


A  record of the change

glassesIn November 2013 I met with Richard Haynes, my Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Bristol Eye Hospital. He offered me the chance to have stabilised vision, which would allow me to see without contacts or glasses. It sounded like magic. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that it was.


Prior to the operation, my uncorrected vision was poor. I was extremely short-sighted, with my prescription in 2013 measuring -11.00 (Sph). In real terms – this means not being able to see anything out of very close range without contacts or glasses. I was also finding that having worn gas-permeable contact lenses from the age of 14, my eyes were becoming irritated, red and sometimes swollen as I frequently had to wear them for long periods.

This poor sight was greatly corrected by glasses and contacts, but was caused by the unstable position of my natural lenses. The natural crystalline lenses in both of my eyes were sub-luxed (partially dislocated.) They were still in the lens space, so my vision could still be corrected using contact lenses and glasses, but this was becoming more difficult to achieve as my natural lenses, held in place with suspensory ligaments, continued to move. This movement of my lenses also caused my prescription to change frequently, which had to be monitored with 6 monthly or 1 year eye tests.


Anatomy of the eye

I knew from my family history that at some point – due to the weak suspensory ligaments – my natural lenses would detach themselves. At this point they would float freely in the vitreous and the vision could be corrected without the distortion of the crystalline lens. But now I had the choice of an operation in which my natural lenses would be removed and permanently replaced with Artisan (fixed, artificial) ones, which would almost completely remove the need for glasses and contact lenses.

The chance to have stable, corrected vision, without contact lenses? …  I said yes to the surgery and began this documentation of the changes.

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