Dining in the Dark


Sight is a luxury that we all too often take for granted and ‘a dining in the dark’ experience in Montreal this summer really brought this home. The waiting staff were all blind and led diners into a black out room for a truly unique evening. We took our seats, which was a challenge in itself and then began to co-ordinate eating and drinking without the eyesight which we are all so used to. I was perhaps more prepared, as already have experience of relying on touch and hearing when I wasn’t wearing glasses, but it really gives you perspective.

For me it was extremely humbling. More than a novelty experience, it helps to show the realities for people living with blindness and it also offers employment for the staff who may struggle for employment in an environment tailored for those with sight. A % of the restaurant’s profits are also donated to support local associations for the blind and visually impaired.

Found out more here: O.NOIR Restaurant