Where did it all start?

I’ve had poor eyesight for as long as I can remember and have been dependent on glasses and contact lenses for years. Making sure they were by my bedside, or taking spare contacts out with me was just routine, the idea of being free from this was incredible. So for me, these operations and this documentation of them is all pretty important.


I decided in my final year of University that I would go ahead, but actually finding a good time to take time out is difficult. Graduation and a job both sorted, eye surgery was next on my list. Although daunting, the potential results were unimaginably exciting.

I had time off to recover from the two operations and – with a job and interest in marketing, design and communications – it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start this project which documents my journey.

I was very keen to offer both potential patients and those in the medical profession useful information from the patient’s perspective. An independent reference, which shows the amazing results, but also all the steps you have to take to get there – something often forgotten in shiny private healthcare adverts of people enjoying a life free from glasses. Not providing information on the reality of the surgery and recovery is misleading to people, and I wasn’t able to find any from a past patient before I went ahead.

I also wanted to bring the incredible work of the staff at the Bristol Eye Hospital to people’s attention. In a climate where people shout so loudly when things go wrong, it’s only fair to shout a bit when things go right, right?

… This also inadvertently ended up being a great distraction from daytime tv during my recovery, which – as much as I love ‘Escape To The Country’ – became all too much after a week.

More detail in the diary.

The view expressed on this website are completely my own and are not intended to represent any medical authority, only a record of my own experiences.