A Patient’s Perspective



An independent review of Artisan lens surgery

A real account written by a real person, to document the experience – the procedure, recovery and results.

It’s not uncommon to have opportunities – some more fruitful than others – to ‘improve’ ourselves. Whether it’s image, knowledge, or health, there increasingly seems to be an answer or some form of ‘miracle’ product which claims to make a difference. But fixing your eyes? That’s a bit special.

I’ve always had, and have been quite used to having, a ‘proper’ prescription. My friends and family have been used to me calling for help when I misplaced my glasses or when chasing after escapee contact lenses. I had always been dependent on them and I didn’t ever think about that changing.


As it turns out, and as you may have guessed, my vision did change thanks to the wonderful team at the Bristol Eye Hospital. I underwent a lensectomy, a vitrectomy and had an Artisan lens surgically implanted, which resulted in a prescription change from -11.00 to +0.75.

Prior to the operation, I turned to the internet for information. I wanted to find out more about the whole process, but this turned out to be difficult. I found private clinics stating the benefits, but nothing which outlined the procedure, recovery, or results from a patient’s perspective.

This was my inspiration…

I have documented my independent account of the journey through diary-entries, photographs and drawings.

Take a look at my story here.

The views expressed here are my own and are not intended to represent those of any medical body or authority.


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Eye surgery and glasses, all in one joke? I’m (luckily) not in a position to agree with the ‘slap dash surgeon’ comment but the rest is pretty spot on. Worth a watch!

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